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Dial a Nerd

Cape Town
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Unit 19, 1st Floor
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Dial a Nerd

Started in 1998 as a consumer-focused IT support company, Dial a Nerd established a business-focused division in 2002. Today, the organisation has evolved to almost entirely focus on supporting small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

Started in 2011, Turrito Networks aims to provide Enterprise grade Internet and hosting to SME’s. This was, and is, a gap in the market as many Internet Service Providers either focus on consumers or corporates.

In 2015, Dial a Nerd merged with Turrito Networks. These two companies have created a complete IT and communication solution for SMEs that encompasses everything from supplying a laptop right through to designing and delivering a fibre connected geo-redundant hybrid-cloud solution.

Previously, these services were only available to enterprise customers due to the large budgets required. However, thanks to the partnership between these two organisations, SMEs, mid-market organisations, homes, and schools can benefit from a completely integrated and connected offering at a fraction of the cost.

We offer remote monitoring and SLA providing unlimited remote and telephonic support for a fixed monthly fee. Outsourcing is a strategic tool that can have a powerful positive impact on your organization’s focus, growth, financial stability and productivity levels, Concentrate on running your business knowing that your IT infrastructure requirements are being dealt with by highly skilled professionals at a fraction of the cost of an internal IT department.


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Pooja Tanna     5 years ago

Cameron gave us amazing service. Really recommend him and Dial a Nerd!

Sian Fraser     5 years ago

What a professional bunch at Dial-A-Nerd. I was literally having heart failure last week and Marlon saved the day. Our main business email address was down for almost the whole week right at the start of a film big project. The guys at Dial-A-Nerd Cape Town are undoubtedly our GO TO people from now on. Marlon tried tirelessly to get to the root of the problem and did not give up even though it was extremely agonizing trying to get to the bottom of the problem. It’s such a pleasure when you guys come out and it doesn’t take long for you to figure out what a business comprises of and how to proceed with fixing the problems. Love love love your work! Thanks again and we look forward to doing business with Dial-A-Nerd for all our future endeavours. THANKS MARLON for all your help!!

Greg Ronne     5 years ago

Cameron and Jonathan have just restored my faith in your company. They rectified a long standing issue we had with our network coverage due to the incorrect configuration of router and extender by the previous technicians sent by you. What is amazing is that it took them 10 minutes!!

Rory McMillan     5 years ago

Great service and a wonderful installation done by a really cheerful crew. A pleasure to deal with them. Thanks to Cameron, Johnson and Fonnie

Richard Griggs     5 years ago

I got help from Crispin Duncan and he is great! Not the first time he has sorted out problems for me and this last time I was all tangled up with about 4 hours worth of problems. Pleasantly, diligently but with profound expertise, Crispin sorted everything out one by one. He is a five star aid when you have a five star problem! So, I highly recommend him and actually I have used Dial a Nerd even longer and I always get professional, convenient service. I would not hesitate to recommend them and Duncan.

Manina Baumann     5 years ago

The Dial a Nerd Cable team, Cameron, Alphonzo and Hadley came round yesterday to finally bring internet to our home successfully. We have had a new fibre connection for almost a year now with NEVER satisfactory internet ANYWHERE in the house. The Dial a Nerd team came a month or so ago to access the situation and suggested extra boosters and internets bridges all-round. When they arrived on Tuesday to install, they told me about the new wireless system that is being used successfully for the last month or so by their company and suggested that even tho it is a little more expensive, it was worth installing. I asked them to go and fetch this system on the spot and install it. They were very helpful and an hour or so later they were back and installed the new system. My family arrived the next day on holidays and I want to thank this lovely, helpful, smart and efficient team for doing their job so well. Regards, Manina Baumann

Glenda Hardy     5 years ago

Cameron and Alphonzo were great. Quick to help and smiling and laughing throughout.

Bryan Jones     5 years ago

Very experienced computer repair and networking company with knowledgeable staff.

Marli Franzsen     5 years ago

Was amazing working with Cameron & Alphonzo! Give them the best rating 😉

Vuyo Nogantshi     5 years ago

Used dial-a-nerd as part of my network installation on a home renovation. Very specific requirements were met and happy with the enterprise infrastructure recommendation, which works like a bomb and is significantly cheaper than alternative consumer ware. Many thanks Dial-a-nerd

Rene de Wet     5 years ago

Crispin Duncan from Dial a Nerd has been my ‘go-to’ IT resource for the last two years. I had occasion to use him again last week at short notice. As in all previous instances, he made time to attend to my problem virtually immediately and communicates clearly and succinctly what the problem was, rectified it, and made sure I understood how to proceed.

KATHY RANDALL     5 years ago

Five star treatment. These guys are the best for sorting out any issues you may have with internet etc.

V Zaacks     5 years ago

EXCELLENT help from Crispin. BUT upset i cannot get a reduced fee due to the number of hours that i am using Dial A Nerd. i am a medically boarded pensioner WITHOUT any income and with HUGE Medical Debts

Curt Bennett     5 years ago

Never fear when Hayden is near. Always on time and knowledgeable. Thanks for fixing my PC with a smile on your face.