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Established in 1973 by Tony Eddles, Eddlesgas has over the years become the preferred gas and equipment supplier for many of the Southern Suburbs’ residents and businesses.

It all started in a small shop at a garage in Tokai on the corner of Main road and Military Road and through building excellent relationships with customers and the community alike, Mr. Eddles grew the business and turned it into the landmark it is today with branches in Kirstenhof and Retreat.

Today Eddlesgas operates not only as a reliable LPG supplier, but we also supply a number of other products including industrial and medical gasses, services and repairs of gas equipment, sales of camping equipment, stoves, hobs, LPG powered freezers and water heaters, as well as braais, safety equipment and much much more. We strive to deliver not only competitive prices to our customers, but service and a working relationship where we can connect on a personal level and truly keep your interests at heart. Eddlesgas is a family business with strong family values and a personal commitment to all our clients.

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Did you know: (fun facts about us and our business)

Eddlesgas is owned and run by the 3 Smit brothers ( Jaycee, Quintin and Ruan) and their father Loutjie Smit.

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a by-product of the refining process that makes the petrol or diesel you put in your car. Which is why LPG prices fluctuate with the petrol/diesel price.

The Kirstenhof branch is built on the site of the historic Grosvenor Race track’s main entrance. This track was home to the first ever International Grand Prix in South Africa in 1937 and converted to Pollsmoor Prison in 1964. Some of the roads in Pollsmoor Prison today actually formed part of the original race track. (see map overlay at bottom of page)

The Retreat branch’s building was once a church.

LPG is actually an odourless gas, the distinctive smell is actually ethyl mercaptan, added to the gas to make leaks easier to detect.

Helium really does make your voice go squeaky!

Sulfur Hexafluoride is a very heavy gas, which when inhaled has the opposite effect to helium and makes your voice sound really low. However inhaling Sulfur Hexafluoride, even in small quantities is not to be recommended as its weight makes it extremely difficult to expel from the bottom of your lungs.

The air we breathe is made of a mixture of many gasses and contains around 78% Nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% argon, plus small trace amounts of other gasses.

Nitrous oxide can be used to boost the power of a car’s engine significantly, sometimes referred to as Nitrous or NOS, but is also used as an anaesthetic in hospitals where it is commonly known as laughing gas.
Industrial Clients can now save up to 10% on their cylinder rentals, by paying for the year in advance!


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