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The Home Owner, Agent or Attorney is able to obtain all the necessary certification required to successfully transfer a property in the Helderberg or Stellenbosch from one local established company.

Our Various divisions are leaders in their own field of certification and focus on the Training and Development of staff to achieve the highest levels of technical expertise and adherence to the various codes, ensuring total safety possible for homes.


Upon receipt of the Request Form, Electra Bug will contact the client to arrange for an inspection.
Our qualified and experienced team will inspect the property, strictly adhering to the Code of Practice and then calculate the cost of repairs if any.

Electra Bug will then submit quote to the Client and Transferring Attorney who will instruct Electra Bug to proceed with the repairs, once the go-ahead has been given by the client. Electra Bug arranges for the repair team to do the necessary repairs, at the client’s convenience

Upon completion of the repairs, the relevant Certificates are issued to the Transferring Attorney, who then pays Electra Bug once the property has registered and forwards the certificates to the purchaser.

Should there be no Beetle Infestation and no Electrical, Plumbing or Gas repairs necessary the client pays the Inspection fee to Electra Bug and the relevant Certificates are issued at no extra cost.

Electra Bug is prepared to wait until date of registration for payment of their account, from the proceeds generated by the sale of the property provided the period does not exceed 90 days from date of invoice failing which the due amount becomes payable immediately.

All repair work is guaranteed by Electra Bug and a call to our office at 021 851 7423 is all that is needed to rectify any problem.

As Electra Bug are members of the ECA, the client is also covered on repairs below R15 000.00 for a period of 12 months.


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