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We specialize in the design and installation of granite, quartz , caesarstone and other natural stone products for kitchens, restaurants, reception areas and any other application. Typical applications are counter tops and work tops. We are based in Durban but have clients throughout Natal.

With its excellent thermal properties, abrasion resistance, infinite durability and attractive appearance, granite is the product of choice for use in the kitchen and anywhere else … both internally or externally.

These attributes allied to our high standards of craftsmanship translates granite into finished products of stylish function with enduring beauty and elegance.

The StoneZone Difference
We work only with premium grade granite, caesarstone, quartz or other stone that is precision cut and pre-assembled to ensure closest joint tolerances and uniformly polished edges.

Cut outs (sink, hob, prep bowl, vanity etc.) are executed in our factory. This eliminates noise, mess, inconvenience and danger of water damage occurring if done on site.

Our unique factory processing methods result in minimum onsite inconvenience whilst requiring considerably less time to complete the actual installation.

We never use oil based substances to mask poor workmanship and/or to provide a (temporary) high gloss finish. Such compounds merely stain granite and can lead to subsequent development of unsightly dark patches.

Polished Edges

The finished profile will be determined by desired decor effect or personal preference.

Alongside are examples of the most popular edges.

BULLNOSE Conventional (1/4 to full)
SQUARE Contemporary / Modern
BEVEL Classic / Traditional

Granite, quartz and other natural stone are products of nature that may vary in colour, shade and texture.

You are at liberty to visit our stockists to inspect and choose the material you require before it is processed.


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Mark Raad     5 years ago

Freindly, Fast, and cost efficient, recommended by 3 Granite suppliers for good reason!

Chantelle Louw     5 years ago

Great service and wonderful workmanship

Stephanie Richart     5 years ago

Nick did a fantastic job installing bathroom countertops at my house!! I highly recommend!!