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Thank you for considering GreenSun as your solar energy partner.

By positioning ourselves as a comprehensive energy solutions provider, servicing a multitude of energy demands and backed by established suppliers of world class products, each client receives the best expertise and specialist service tailored to their specific needs.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to our clients, through the use of superior products and efficient services to ensure the highest return on investment through exceptional client service, safety measures and team integrity. Partner with us for peace of mind and sound investment. In doing so we can safeguard your investment by making no compromise on product, planning, and partnership.

About GreenSun

As a Solar Energy Solution provider since the beginning of 2012, GreenSun has quickly established itself and has built a reputation for delivering innovative and sustainable solutions, in the solar energy and renewable power industry, throughout the Western Cape.  ANXA Technologies CC trading as GreenSun Solar Energy Solutions was born out of ANXA Construction (NHBRC registered – 2006) when it was decided to expand on our existing reputation by adding additional projects to our resume in areas including renewable power and sustainable energy solutions.  Based on the needs of each individual client, Greensun embraces and provides a variety of solar energy options as well as an array of systems and methods to offer the most effective and efficient solutions for each project.  We pride ourselves in our commitment to our clients, safety and use of superior products to ensure the highest return on investment through outstanding quality and efficiency of our systems, exceptional client service and team integrity.

Company Structure

GreenSun employs a hands-on philosophy from both an operational and administrative perspective.  By positioning ourselves as a once-off solution to all energy needs and requirements, each client gets the best of what our expertise and specialist services have to offer.  By staffing each individual with a project manager, both our clients and our firm can be assured that each project gets handled professionally and is of the utmost importance.  Each project gets initiated by our administrative team that assists with individualised design and costing and handed over to the operational team that is supported with on-site staff ranging from an installation team, systems design team, qualified solar technician and certified electricians.

We mainly concentrate on the installation of Photovoltaic (PV) systems in the following categories:

  • Off-grid solar systems
  • Backup solar systems
  • Island solar systems

Apart from these installations our clients have requested other services, including:

  • Solar system design – residential (according to needs based on individual energy consumption)
  • Aesthetic conceptual design
  • Agricultural implementation and design of systems (lowering of carbon footprint)
  • Commercial systems – sustainable energy for industrial / commercial use
  • Cost estimation and quotation (per project) – on full range of entry level and bigger systems
  • Solar pumps
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar panel powered lamp posts and billboards


Client service is our priority while client satisfaction is the constant measure of achievement for our team.  Although we are certain that this satisfaction can be contributed to our dedication and commitment to all our clients, it is also directly related to the company values through which GreenSun manages its entire operation.  These values are:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Simplicity

In-House Capabilities and Certification

As a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution to simple and complex projects, the GreenSun team not only provides exceptional turnaround time on deliverables, but performs a majority of the divisions of work required to design and construct a successful installation and project design with and end-to-end approach.

Our team is highly qualified and also trained as Solar Power Consultants by Maxx Solar Academy.  Their product and systems training through MLT Drives, also includes a certification that is validated by the SAIEE (as per ECSA policy).

Through consulting and affiliating with the best specialists and professionals in the industry, this also allows us to remain compliant to industry requirements and expectations, whilst making use of the latest and most effective technology and products available.  This not only ensures that we have the competitive advantage in terms of pricing (when bidding for projects), and products (when designing customised systems), but we guarantee greater customer service on projects completed to the highest standard.

Suppliers and Service Providers

GreenSun is an independent Closed Company which allows us to make use of the best industry products and services available.  Because each project is designed and evaluated according to its own specific requirements and needs, products from the best supplier for that specific project, is commissioned in partnership with highly qualified service providers.

Some of these product suppliers include:

  • Sunpower Solar Modules – PV panels
  • tsmc solar – Thin film solar panels
  • SMA – inverters
  • Victron – inverters; regulators
  • SonX – maintenance free, deep-cycle solar batteries
  • Local suppliers
  • MLT Drives – inverters
  • Microcare – inverters; regulators (charge controllers)
  • First National Battery – deep-cycle solar batteries


At GreenSun we also pride ourselves on our ability to use innovative thinking in our quest to use technology as a tool through ensuring that all parties involved have the most accurate information and state of the art products available.  Whether it is related to layout design, project planning, cost projections and estimations,  GreenSun has the training and tools required to provide the necessary information to make accurate and efficient decisions.


GreenSun has maintained a strong commitment to the Health and Safety for the protection of their employees and clients.  We are committed to executing projects in a safe and effective manner.  GreenSun not only exercises these principles themselves, but also expects compliance of all its Service providers, Vendors and Suppliers.  This not only ensures that Health and Safety is implemented on a daily basis, but also that its program is maintained and continuously improved.


Looking ahead, GreenSun is showing great potential in a fairly new, developing, challenging, yet exciting industry.  The passion that drives our delivery is always reflected in the pride and excitement expressed by the client upon acquiring their own solar energy and/or renewable power solution.  This not only sets GreenSun apart from its competitors but enables us to establish a footprint as the alternative energy leaders in South Africa.

Whatsapp: 071 607 1251

Johannesburg: 011 395 6940


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Annamarie Barnard     5 years ago

Very professional, very accommodating and do the job until it is 100% to your satisfaction. A dynamic young team that deserves support. I have only good things to say about them!

Jason Smith     5 years ago

very kind, helpful and professional team.

the work completion is next level neatness.
a pleasure for the eye to see and
most of all the money I’m saving every


Alberto Meyer     5 years ago

Here is option to reduce Eskom dependancy

Andrew Nero     5 years ago

Friendly, efficient and professional consulting approach to solar power 🙂

Andries Jooste     5 years ago

This is the best way to get you independent and also save on the longer term