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HouseCheck performs home inspections (condition assessments) for buyers, sellers and owners of South African homes. We have a variety of building inspection reports available – designed to meet every pocket.
Reports include Comprehensive, Vital, Roof, Damp, Crack reports.
Quotes, based on room counts, are provided within an hour and without obligation.
Reports are available within one working day of the inspection.
HouseCheck inspectors are all SAHITA certified ( and are members of the National Association of Building Inspectors of SA (


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Charmaine Sparrow     5 years ago

Really quick, professional and supportive. I initially thought the comprehensive report fee was really expensive … till they discovered structural problems, the building plan did not reflect all the alterations over the years, gas and electrical installation problems and other relatively minor issues … if the deal goes through it will have saved me many thousands of Rands and hours of stress and also gives me a fair idea of future maintenance areas. So very worth it. Big lesson – never buy property without a house inspection. Thank you for the excellent service.

Wanda Landman     5 years ago

Very reliable and worth every sent when purchasing a property

Lance Paiken     5 years ago

I was very happy with the service. People here friendly helpful and most of all gave a detailed breakdown of all the concerns of the home. Work was done very quickly and detailed with many pictures. I was very happy and recommend this service when buying a new home.

Mat Schlarb     5 years ago

I can highly recommend HouseCheck and especially Johan Bezuidenhout who works the KZN region. Johan did a thorough check and the report helped me ease my mind on a property I am working on

Jodie Reed     5 years ago

Thanks so much for the great service. For us the Comprehensive Report is not only an indication of any urgent problems, but also a great baseline of the state of the house on purchase that we can revert to in the future.

Susan Winter     5 years ago

Many thanks for your quick response time and an extremely professional service. Getting such a detailed report acts as great peace of mind and then a comprehensive to do list. Thanks again and will be sure to continue to use your services.

Bevan Lill     5 years ago

Quick response, excellent well photographed and documented report. This report is not only helpful and important for home buyers – I, as a seller, needed a respected report on potential problems that would allay, up front, any concerns that a buyer might have. Highly recommended and good value. It’s a no brainer – you can’t go wrong – it’s a win/win situation.

Sunel Kemsley     5 years ago

This is great! I helped me as a single woman feel more at ease in buying a property, you pointed out things i never knew and set me as ease that things could be fixed. Everyone buying property being a first time buyer like me or if you have bought multiple properties i would strongly advise then you to this route!
Thank you so much!

Heike Chie     5 years ago

Very thorough inspection with a report that included photos of all the big and small repairs. No more unexpected surprises as we experienced in previous property purchases. Peace of mind for sure! Thank you once again to all involved!

Jerome Fat-Frank Sheed     5 years ago

We used HouseCheck last year. Worth every cent paid and they do what they say on the box. We’d definitely use them if we bought again!