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Jehz Sofas

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Jehz Sofas

Jehz Sofas is a furniture retail store. We offer semi-customizable furniture options as well as décor items for your home or any corporate office space.

Birthed from Leighjer Designs, which has over 25 years of experience in custom and designer furniture. All of our items are locally manufactured so you have easy access to our staff who provide one on one customer service. Our company is a family-run business, which means that you can count on our values and care in every purchase. We are here to add value to your home by providing carefully selected products that will improve your quality of life and refresh your space whilst enjoying longevity and comfort. Our purpose is to make your home feel like an escape from reality. A space you feel is your very own on Earth.

We believe in the artisan’s touch. Our products are made and designed by hand; with the utmost care for you in mind. Jehz Sofas is here to serve you.

If you are trendy, a forward thinker and if you value good quality and comfort then we are definitely up your alley.

We believe that in this fast-paced, instant culture we have lost the value of longevity. Most people are looking for instant, mass-produced goods that ultimately sacrifice quality. These products usually come with more repair costs and worries that our customers should never have to deal with. We want to show you that furniture can be part of the family passed down through generations, it can be invested into and cared for. We offer you furniture that is comfortable, functional, semi-customizable, and easily accessible while still being fresh and bringing ingenuity.

As we start this journey we are servicing the greater Durban area but our goal is to bring this service, knowledge, and products to all of South Africa and ultimately international.
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