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Natures Blueprint

Natures Blueprint Horticultural Services is a value added service company, offering imaginative Design Solutions, cost and time accurate Landscape Construction and on going Pro Active Maintenance. Offering a full Horticultural Service menu, our service has been designed to take clients from inception to integration and well beyond to continued Style & Seasonal Maintenance. A self styled Exterior Design and Construction company, we design, build and maintain all aspects that make up a beautiful garden or landscaped space and individualise these to suit our clients brief. With years of experience and a hands on approach, we care for the small things that make our service unique, like cost effective, punctual and quality service.


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Georgina Patrick     5 years ago

Excellent service…know what they do. Very productive by inspiring school kids to get their little fingers dirty. Love their generosity.
Awesome Jeremy.

Zachary Smith     5 years ago

While I knew that I didn’t know how to look after large trees, hedges, ground cover, etc. I didn’t know the extent of my un-knowledge. Jeremy was super enthusiastic about the work we needed done and it really does look better. I’m also sure that that no errant branches will fall on me now, which was the whole point of the exercise. So successful!

Catherine Stone     5 years ago

A passionate team that give so much more than you expect. They love and know so much about plants and put that love into your garden. Lots of follow up.

SocialMedia Manager     5 years ago

Jeremy and team were extremely quick and efficient when the Hotel required landscaping services. Well done chaps and we look forward to a long and lasting relationship.

Adrian Jacobs     5 years ago

Excellent service – and the first garden service that our plants are still alive! Keep growing…. and looking after our garden

Joss Pack     5 years ago

What an absolute pleasure to deal with Jeremy & Lara and their wonderful staff… Jeremys knowledge of gardening is exceptional and his service is 💯
Definitely recommend if you want to work with a company that takes pride in their work and their customers.

Hendrik Dreyer     5 years ago

Exceptional service, exceptional knowledge. All round amazing experience! Highly recommended!

Sonia Del Giovine     5 years ago

Excellent service and highly recommened company! A trustworthy team that works time efficiently and neat.

Mario Gaito     5 years ago

Helped me build and grow the most beautiful hanging garden, for which I constantly receive compliments. 5-stars

Andrea van der Boon     5 years ago

Amazing service.
Jeremy and Lara are both knowledgeable and go above and beyond.

Kyle van der Boon     5 years ago

Incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and professional service! Highly recommended!

Joshua Barnard     5 years ago

Could not be more impressed with Natures Blueprint Gardening Services!
Excellent and highly recommended

Fuad De Vries     5 years ago

Awesome and professional service from a great team!