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Pmr Tree Felling

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Pmr Tree Felling

P.M.R tree fellers were started in 2004. We are based in Randburg, We service this area as well as all of the surrounding suburbs, within Gauteng and all of over South Africa. We have well-trained, competent crews, utilising the best of safety equipment. We are OHS (occupational health & safety) compliant. The teams are owner-supervised.

Services we undertake are tree felling and maintenance work including pollarding (topping), crown-lifting, selective thinning, shaping, dead-wooding, etc. No job too big or too small. We specialise in large dangerous trees in confined spaces which we carefully dismantle. We also undertake stump grinding, root poisoning (most practical and cost-effective) and stump removal (if practical and possible).

We also offer a free mulching service where we can chip your branches (up to 125mm) on-site. This makes fine mulch to put straight onto your flower beds, or else it can be left in a heap to decompose into A-grade weed-free organic compost.

Insurance: We are covered for public liability for damages to people or property.


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