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Satmag Technology

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Satmag Technology

We have been a leading installer of DSTV, Alarms, Gate Motors & CCTV security camera equipment in Southern Africa for more than a decade. We offer a range of Decoders, Alarms, Gate Motors & CCTV cameras designed to help you meet the entertainment and security requirements of your home and business.

DSTV Installations

Satmag Technology provides the following range of services: TV Installations. TV Mounting Installations. TV Mounting / Relocation. TV Point Installations. TV Point Repairs. TV Point Relocation. Satellite Dish Installations. Satellite Dish Repairs. Satellite Dish Relocation. DSTV Repairs in DSTV Installations. DSTV Relocation. DSTV Upgrades. OpenView HD Installations. OpenView HD Repairs. OpenView HD Relocation. OpenView HD Upgrades. Top TV Installations. Top TV Repairs. Top TV Relocation and Top TV Upgrades.

Security Solutions

Our services include solutions in electric fencing, gate automation, alarm systems, CCTV camera installation & outdoor beams, intercom system, wireless systems, access control and related services. Research in new technology ensures that we always provide the most up to date solutions. We procure only the top of the range products from our suppliers.

Optical Fibre Solutions

We lay and light our own Fibre network, ensuring our guaranteed 99% uptime and premium Internet experience. Fibre is an ideal Internet Solution for businesses that regularly send and receive large files, make use of graphical user interfaces (GUI’s) or rely on fast Internet. We also use Fibre for most of our Metro Ethernet network’s backhaul.

Wireless Network Solutions

Our Wireless Internet packages are ideal for businesses looking for a quality, rapidly deployed Internet Connection. With guaranteed 99% uptime, you don’t have to worry about downtime affecting your business. The beauty of wireless is its unique fail-over capabilities. Within milliseconds we can reroute your link seamlessly.

As a Tier 1 Service Provider, we can provide you true Last Mile Connectivity and guaranteed 99% uptime. Our independence affords us the flexibility to offer solutions which expand your business.


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