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Specialised Tarpaulin Services

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Specialised Tarpaulin Services

Specialised Tarpaulin Services would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our company.

Specialised Tarpaulins is a small company with big ability. No Job is too small or too big and each job receives the same attention striving to keep all our clients happy.

We supply and service all products in the PVC range from small trailers covers, pool covers, tarpaulins Tautliners (Digital and Plain) to marquee tents and roof structures coverings. We specialise in designing, manufacturing, installations, repairs of all tarpaulins and curtains, to name but a few of our service abilities.

In partnership with our suppliers we offer 1st class fully guaranteed products and workmanship and have the ability to produce quality products on time and  we assure you of the highest professional service.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and ability to constantly adapt to the changing challenges of your industry.


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Suliman Bhayat     5 years ago

Thanks a lot guys
A job well done